Your Visit

The photo shows a door half open, a bed with fuzzy blanket and big pillow, a long table with chair, a small bench, and a painting of maguey cactus

Your Visit

When you visit us, your interests and curiosities are our number one priority. We design your trip based on what you hope to see, taste, learn, and experience, using our expertise and local contacts to ensure that every one of your ideas comes to fruition in a surprising and delightful way. We happily accommodate solo travelers, couples, families, and large groups, for short or long term visits. Check out our shop or contact us to learn more about pricing, group discounts, and to plan your ideal trip!


Sample Visit Itinerary: Week-long Cooking Package


Arrival. Airport pick-up from Mexico City or Puebla; transportation to the hacienda. Welcome drinks, dinner, rest. 

A Welcome sign greets you when you visit


Breakfast. Walking tour of the hacienda, grounds, gardens, chapel, and patios. Walk to Old Well, also the ruins of our neighbor hacienda, La Concepcion. Lunch in a casa de campo with Sandra, a local artisan who will prepare our meal and additionally showcase her handmade products. Return to the hacienda. Rest. Dinner and game night, either cards or pool.


Breakfast. Trip to tianguis, the local farmers market in Huamantla, with Maria, our chef. Brief walking tour of Huamantla, also lunch in the market. Return to the hacienda for cooking class #1 with Maria. Dinner with the chef. 


Breakfast. Departure to visit Don Abraham, our pulque master, in the nearby town of San Jose Teacalco. Visit Don Abraham’s fields, learn how he extracts the aguamiel from the great maguey cactus, and finally taste the drink of the Gods, pulque, for yourself. Afterwards, lunch in the Welcome Center for La Malinche. Return to the hacienda. Rest. Cooking class #2 with Galo, focusing on local herbs and vegetables. Dinner with the chef. 


Breakfast. Departure to Ixtenco, pueblo Otomi, to learn visit local artisans, also their historic cemetery. Have a tour and light lunch in Hacienda Soltepec. Return to the hacienda. Cooking class #3 with Maria. Dinner with the chef. 


Light breakfast. Departure to the temazcal, an ancient Mexican vapor bath at the foot of the mountain Cuatlapanga. Afterwards, lunch with Galo in his home. Return to the hacienda. Rest. Dinner of barbacoa, prepared by Don Carlos. At last, a parting fire.

Read about the temazcal from our friends at True.Ink.


Breakfast. Free time until departure. Transportation services to Mexico City or Puebla airports. 



When you are ready to inquire about availability, discuss package options, build a customized package, or make a reservation, please head over to our shop or contact us by email at We will always follow up with you within two business days. Also, if you prefer to speak on the phone or via WhatsApp or Skype, we will always be happy to accommodate.