Soul Food Mexico on AirBnb!

We just got ourselves online with AirBnb! Please take a look, spread the word, and help us celebrate our growing internet presence! Click here to see our AirBnb profile. 

A screenshot of our new profile with AirBnb 

We have experience using this platform while traveling throughout the U.S., Cuba, Mexico, and Canada, and have loved every one of our experiences. We’ve met incredible people and tasted incredible food. Actually, if anyone needs a recommendation for Vinales, Cuba, let us know and we’ll send you to eat like kings and queens with Martha and Lichi! Moreover, we have lifelong friends from using the platform. So, we like it and appreciate the service it provides.

As such, we are delighted to join the hosting community. Stay tuned, as we hope to bring you an AirBnb experience soon! Alternatively, just take a peek at Your Visit and book directly through us!

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